Two 01 Refinery is a Canadian art + design studio working with local and international clients as well as creating original works of art, art prints, design and stationery.

Founded in 2017 by artist, designer and 2-wheel enthusiast Desirae Hildebrand or @desirae201 on instagram; Two 01 Refinery exists not only as her creative outlet but to connect art and design with other passionate people! 

Two 01 Refinery also operates as a design studio working with local and international clients, offering a wide range of graphic design services including branding, illustration, packaging, web and print design.

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About the Artist + Designer

Growing up on a farm just a few miles north of the American border, Desirae was exposed to outdoor living at it’s finest with a valley to explore right in her backyard; her mom dabbled in folk art and painting which influenced her creativity and imagination at a young age. Now, inspired and passionate about the outdoors, motorcycles, art and design - Desirae is able to live the life she always dreamed as a creative.

Working as a full time artist and designer, Desirae is able to partner up with various clients around the globe creating custom work or selling her various pieces; she also co-owns a family business with her mom and brother called Willow Creek, a homewares, gift + lifestyles boutique.

Desirae also proudly represents Fox Women’s and Husqvarna Motorcycles.