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Rebuilt 201R

Welcome to the new Two 01 Refinery!

For years I have been creating art under my own name, Desirae Samantha while creating design work for clients under Two 01 Refinery. I have decided to merge my two brands together because they truly aren’t separate things, they are me being creative with 2 different names - plus as far as creative management goes, this simplifies my life.

Two 01 Refinery will no longer be JUST a design studio creating branding and marketing materials for clients but expand to become a creative outlet for artwork, photography, stationery and essentially whatever I damn well want to create!

As for social media, I will still continue to post my artwork on instagram under @desirae201 but my @two01refinery instagram will get a fresh look that represents the rebuilt brand along with the artwork and designs I create.

I realize this is a whole lot of unnecessary chatter but rather than having my clients and art fans wonder what’s going on I thought I’d lay out my intentions here.

Stay tuned for some exciting new work headed your way.

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